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Quality and Impartiality Policy

1st April 2024 Version 1.0


Quality Policy


ENEN is committed to providing quality service that comply with the various accreditation standards ENEN is intended to get accredited with, along with meeting the expectations of our customers.


ENEN’s top management is committed to continually improve processes and services to enhance quality and customer satisfaction


ENEN strives hard for the importance of effective communication at all levels of the organization to ensure quality objectives and policies are understood and met.

ENEN believes that the skilful, experienced human resource is the key for successful verification assessments and shall recruit/contract and deploy sufficient competent personnel. Also, shall periodically monitor and train them.

EnEn adapts a risk-based thinking for its business sustainability.



Safeguarding Impartiality Policy


ENEN is committed to act impartial at all levels of its operations and functions.

ENEN shall continuously review and evaluate risks to impartiality and strive hard to eliminate them.

ENEN shall exercise its impartiality through organizational structure, procedures, processes and training of individuals how to practice independence and act impartial at all situations.

ENEN is committed to take decisions based on reliable objective evidences.


ENEN has constituted an Impartiality committee, members that are independent of ENEN’s day to day operations to oversee its impartiality measures.


In line with this policy, ENEN shall not

1. Provide services to clients where threats to impartiality are not eliminated.

2. Provide in house training where we contract for Organizational verification.

3. Have tie ups with consultants or add incentives to sales force where it might lead to compromising the impartiality policy of ENEN.


Further, ENEN shall have zero tolerance towards partial, biased and conflict of interest scenarios identified at any level in the organization.

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