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About Us

Moving Towards A Green Future

ENEN Green is a market leader in the domains of climate change and sustainability. We strive to bring about a change in the Indian market by transforming traditional businesses into sustainable green businesses. We are constantly working towards a green future.


We assist organizations to reduce their carbon footprint and tackle environment degradation through green business practices. ENEN Green also assists companies to respond effectively to rapidly changing business scenarios by imparting customized solutions in the domains of climate change and sustainability.

Our Story

Our Story

Climate change is real and it is affecting all forms of life on this planet in one way or the other. One of the major reasons for this, is the unprecedented level of carbon emission, which traps the heat inside our atmosphere. Everything we make, buy, and sell leaves a carbon trail and it accumulates to affect our climate adversely. Unaware and unregulated businesses are the major contributors to this problem.

ENEN Green started off in 2014 with a goal to make these businesses aware of the climate change issues and help them reduce their carbon footprint by adopting green and sustainable business practices. Hitherto we have helped more than 100 businesses to respond effectively to the rapidly changing business scenarios by monitoring and regulating their carbon emissions, and by adopting solutions to become carbon neutral and sustainable.

Our Team

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